An Overview of WordPress

WordPress is an open source and free content management system based in PHP and often coupled with a MySQL or MariaDB server. Features include a plug-in architecture and several different template systems, called themes, which can be custom-designed for maximum aesthetic appeal. WordPress websites are fast and easy to build, and have grown tremendously in popularity over the past several years. With millions of users worldwide and tens of thousands of blogs, WordPress is the most popular platform for Internet businesses.

The core component of WordPress is the wordpress application itself. This is where all theme and plugin functionality are found. There are also third-party add-ons which can be used to extend WordPress and make it even more versatile. The most common plugins however are the ones included with the wordpress install package. WordPress works with MySQL, PHP, and several other scripting languages. It is an open source software which can be downloaded for free.

Some common themes include the default WordPress colors, icons, themes, polls, and forms. Many WordPress developers create free themes, which are pre-configured themes which allow for customization and theme flexibility. A great number of WordPress users create their own themes and customize the functionality of the core WordPress software. The majority of WordPress users will never develop their own themes, but instead will use the default themes which are pre-configured within the WordPress software.